«The pamphlet»

Полный вариант заголовка: "The pamphlet : containing sketches of a plan for recovering and securing charitable donations : and letter, wherein it was sent to the noblemen of England, and numerous gentlemen of eminence, in the year 1804 : whereto is here prefixed a preface descriptive of what hath since been wrote by various authors concerning those donations, and done in Parliament, and of what is necessary for effectually remedying the abuses of charities : likewise of such important information as is necessary to be conveyed to both Houses of Parliament, and the public to every Professor in law, every person possessed of property, or that may have any expectation from ancestors : preachers or teachers of dissenting congregations : trustees of chapels and places of divine Worship, and of Charities : clergymen, churchwardens, and overseers of the poor / by Peter Lovelass".

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